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Clinical Research


Are you working to provide new treatment options through label extensions? Or maybe trying to demonstrate the efficacy over other marketed medications and research?


At Vital Strive, we have the right type of research power that will help you advance your clinical trials and post-marketing studies. Our clinical research services in Thailand will balance your study program from discovery and proof of efficacy towards educating doctors and patients about your integrity and the integrity of your ideas.


Simply put, our Thailand clinical research and post-marketing study services capture and manage all of the vital data ranging from patient-reported outcomes to critical safety data through advanced solutions. Our team consists of skilled medical writers, biostatisticians and analysts that can work closely with you to provide robust and influential articles, studies and developments.

Our post-marketing studies services include work on product safety, regulatory/medical writing, operational management services for clinical operations, clinical data management, regulatory overview and more.


Do you want to maximize the value of each transaction that goes through your business?


At Vital Strive, we employ a focused and tailored approach which will help you identify and evaluate all the potential deal breakers, value drivers and many other areas of specific interest for any client. Our due diligence services extend to many fields and cover commercial/market diligence, financial accounting due diligence, operational due diligence, IT due diligence, valuation services and tax due diligence.


As an essential part of any business acquisition or divestment, our Thailand due diligence services are able to provide a clear and authoritative review. For buyers, we contribute to the research and review they need before making a well-informed decision about the viability of a proposed sale or purchase.


Thanks to our independence, attention to detail and vast experience in the field of due diligence in Thailand, we are able to identify, evaluate and assess assets, contingencies, tax exposures, historical and projected financials as well as risks and opportunities.

Due Diligence


Every company in Thailand is required to be kept in good standing, file certain documents on-time and meet the statutory and regulatory obligations. However, not everyone has the time to do all of this which is where our butler services and company administration in Thailand comes to play.


Vital Strive has long been a recognized leader when it comes to providing secretarial services in Thailand. We pride ourselves on our partnerships with many firms where we provide secretarial services for companies in Bangkok and business advisory services in support of companies, partnerships, individuals etc.


Our Thailand butler services can be customized to meet the needs of every business. Within this field, you can expect us to take care of your memos and costs, track your expenses and align with your business operations. Thanks to our highly trained and thoroughly experienced team of professionals keep themselves consistently up-to-date on the laws and regulations of each jurisdiction to guarantee continuing legal compliance.


You can fully trust us to ensure that all your entities maintain a proper framework of governance - and get full assistance with your everyday tasks and obligations. In short, our secretarial and butler services in Thailand are the most cost-efficient alternative to employing your own staff and maintaining a physical office presence in your company’s jurisdiction.



  • (fixed price / hourly) Entry level translation

  • $45 / hour Butler services plus expenses

Butler Services


Do you need professional assistance for your exhibition? Are you in dire need of professional staff for your booth, hotel or any other temporary job?


At Vital Strive, we pride ourselves on having professional employees for all kinds of temporary jobs related to fairs, exhibitions and similar events. Our Bangkok exhibition recruitment services will ensure that you get professional talent at the right prices.


As a specialist exhibition recruitment agency in Thailand, we work with exhibition design and build companies, exhibition organizers as well as numerous technical providers. We remain committed that we will find the best talent for your needs, whether you need project managers, assistants, designers or other specialists for your Bangkok exhibition.


The team that recruits and coordinates the talent has been adding value, understanding complex business needs and securing the best people for every client for more than a decade. If this is the type of exhibition recruitment agency in Bangkok that you would like to work with, don’t hesitate to contact us today and send us a brief about your needs.


Our company formation and setup services in Thailand bring a comprehensive and streamlined solution for setting up and maintaining a local legal entity. You can rely on our local team of legal experts which will help you by understanding the types of legal entities and guiding you through the complete company formation and corporate bank account opening process.


Our company formation and establishment services in Thailand present a process which can help you get started as quickly as possible. Once you tell us what kind of company you want to set up in Thailand, our experienced team will start researching and navigate you in the right direction for starting a business in a cost-effective manner.


With expert guidance on setting up new business/ventures across the world, our professional company setup services in Thailand deal with all the potential business opportunities, understanding of legal procedures, networking with authorities and creating a suitable business model for your new venture.


Whether you are venturing into Thailand to establish your business or just want to expand your already existing company, our company formation services can help you with your pre-marketing studies, generate enough leads and contacts for you, set appointments with clients and offer telemarketing activities as part of your ongoing marketing.

Exhibition in Bangkok
Set up companies in Thailand


Effective procurement operations don’t happen overnight. They are a result of solid sourcing strategies that boost procurement’s performance, deliver impressive savings and give businesses a unique competitive edge.


However, many businesses in Thailand can be overwhelmed by the clunky technology and complex processes which may distract their procurement teams from their focus, making it difficult to achieve sourcing success. This is why our teams at Vital Strive specialize in sourcing in Thailand and provide assistance to a lot of companies and experts that need the right kind of focus in their organization.


As a reliable strategic sourcing services provider, we can bring numerous advantages to your in-house teams and provide access to a wide pool of category-specific experts along with the complete assurance about road-tested, smooth-running processes and efficient technologies.


At the end of the day, our sourcing services in Thailand are designed to benefit both buyers and suppliers. While we benefit buyers because they can negotiate lower unit prices for high-volume purchases, we also help companies use strategic sourcing to procure services. For more information, contact us today.



Vital Strive is a leading professional human resource (HR) and job recruitment firm in Thailand which offers advanced business intelligence, interim solutions and executive search services to a global client base. Our market knowledge, worldwide network and unique job recruitment process are held in high regard by our clients.


Established in Vital Strive in Bangkok, Thailand, our company has been delivering permanent job recruiting services to leading organizations in the country. We deliver both a retained and a result-oriented service for clients in all industries and sectors. Our team has been able to tailor various candidates for various roles based on the input of every client - excelling when it comes to sensitivity, unique candidate requirements, market insights and benchmarking needs.


Whether you need HR services in Thailand or professional recruitment advice, you are on the right place. Quality is an integral part of our sincerity, our custom services and our expertise. This is why we listen, take the time and focus on the human being behind your employees to help them on their way.

Job and HR


Do you need a reliable partner that can help you make most of your digital strategy? At Vital Strive, we are proud of having a team specializing in digital marketing, graphic design, content writing and other related services in Thailand.


Our digital marketing services are designed to generate results. When it comes to your business, there is no use of building a plan if you can’t make money from it - at least in the long term. This is why we focus on the features which can generate you actual results.


Whether this is effective content writing, graphic design or digital marketing alone, you should expect the very best from our team and see your website as the most valuable asset you have in attracting new customers and delighting them.


Our digital marketing services come with action plans which you can target, engage, score and analyze from different aspects - all helping you boost your performance and increase your success on the local and global market. From logos to guides, marketing campaigns and website performance analysis, we are here to help you navigate through a successful online journey!

Graphic Design
Debt Collection


Did you know that nowadays, almost 80% of the exporters experience overdue payments? The longer the waiting time is, the greater the danger is for never collecting the debt.


At Vital Strive, we specialize in debt collection services in Thailand and help our clients collect their debts through a wide range of global solutions for commercial debt collection. We work in our domestic market and conduct negotiations in Thai and English, dealing with all the intricacies of our legal system.


In addition to our debt collection, we take pride in providing private investigator services, too. If you believe you need these services, then you are likely experiencing a serious business or personal issue. We will work to find the information and proof that you need to protect yourself, your family or your business.


With a team of private investigators ready 24/7 to assist you everywhere across Thailand, we offer nationwide investigation services and have extensive experience in the field of infidelity investigations, background checks, employee verifications and more.

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