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Super Capacitors the Solution? For the Future CEV Vehicles

For the idea of using Super Capacitors as essential physical electric vehicle architecture; also fully integrated as the electrical storage system, in other words, the vehicle structure itself is also the power storage system: nothing at all has changed with respect to the continued development of battery powered electrical vehicles generally. Yes, we have seen many, and will see more, ultra high end six and even seven figure cost in electric super cars, all illogical, all about the same, and all having nothing at all to contribute to solving real world problems such as ever increasing atmospheric pollution. And we have seen many, and will see more small efficient electric scooters, rickshaws, and TukTuks in the largest and most severely pollution impacted societies, China, India, Africa, as most of the world's population struggles to go greener. And all of this transportation electrification will be on the back of the white gold, lithium, with associated conflict metals, such as cobalt, as these materials move from mines through depletion into American and European landfills in unimaginable quantities, growing ever more precious as the original pristine supply diminishes, until the landfills require recovery mining and the slog through the mine, depletion, recovery cycle begins all over again, and all at what completely unnecessary expended labor, and intrinsic pollution within the process itself? But humans won't be satisfied until this once Edenic, unique, habitable world is at last uninhabitable.The real problem isn't which battery, or which structural material in electric vehicle construction: it is the Original Sin idea of illogical waste itself. A properly built Super Capacitor physical structure as power storage also electric vehicle would never need end of useful life in a landfill, and would help to end the idea of the complete transportation vehicle throwaway society.

In our first discussions, I though we should attack the problem from the top fuel type electric dragster point of view, where super capacitors really shine, like the XENON plasma bolt of lighting ultra high current charge delivery system: I still think a very focussed effort along those lines would have the largest impact.

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