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Coronavirus crisis and activities of Vital Strive

Photo by Fusion Medical Animation

We are working with large organizations and hospitals of both worlds we and offer you our services sourcing all kinds of medical supplies. We are having our associates in Hong Kong and mainland China to audit manufacturer and perform Quality Inspection on-site. Processing speed and the due diligence of the companies are definitely very important including organizing transportation to any country in the world, please download our short info on Covid-19

新冠病毒危機與Vital Strive 行動

我們與東西方各大機構及醫院合作, 提供採購各種醫療用品服務。


速度處理及公司的盡職調查是絕對非常重要的, 包括處理運輸到其他國家, 請下載我們在COVID-19的簡短信息。

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